Experiencing Anaphylaxis, by Breathing Better Now

This year, I dealt with anaphylaxis and it really clarified some issues with our prepping. Though I have been a prepper most of my life, I didn’t realize that was what I was until eight years ago. Most of the prepping that I did was food storage. I did it for stewardship not prepping for the zombie apocalypse. I would buy supplies in large quantities when they were at “rock bottom”, once-a-year sale prices. Each time an item we used would be on sale, I would buy as many as I could afford and use before the expiration date. My wakeup call was the 2008 presidential election. I still remember sitting in disbelief at the outturn of the vote. Confused, concerned, and motivated, I did not see much hope for the future of my country or my children. After a few weeks of shock, I decided to take action.

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I started researching all things prepping.

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Should we embrace the froth or dump the currently over-bought American stocks? Prudence dictates the latter. Therefore hedge into tangibles like silver, folks.

Commodities Economics:

Because of higher crude prices and the first approved shipments to Asia, the Bakken shale oil producing region as well as the adjoining oil fields in Alberta seem to be bouncing back from their recent slump. (That slump can be directly traced to a secret agreement between the Obama Administration and the Saudi monarchy…