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  1. I agree. I know Mr. Rawles doesn’t agree with me on matters of Doctrine, as I am a devout member of the LDS church, however what is stated here is fundamental to what my faith believes in. We believe in the eternal nature of families and that each member male and female have a divinely appointed responsibility. If curious, read the Church’s Proclamation to the World which states our doctrine.

    The family is the basic unit of my faith and divinely inspired to be between Man and Woman.

    Thank you for sharing your post.

  2. As a man, I totally approve of your position. There has been a demonstrated attack on the traditional family unit since at least the 1960’s. I have watched the workplace go from a man working to support his family to the current system that devalues the man completely. For those of you who do not believe this here is a thought: How many single mother families do you know that are supported by the state? Welfare, food stamps, state paid daycare (so mom can go to work) etc. etc.? When I was a child in the 50-60’s it was unusual for a family to have only one parent. This was the exception, not the rule. Look it up now! Our children’s children (grandkids) are taught through the media and the school sytems that the man is not a needed part of the family. As a former teacher in the public school system it broke my heart to deal with so many fatherless children. You did not have to ask. As a man teacher (mostly women) they would surround me on the playground. A word to parents and grandparents ” do whatever you can to help your children with the high cost of a private education.” Save more, offer to help home-school, whatever it takes. It is worth it to save the snowflake generation. Who do you think taught them to be “snowflakes”. The idiot box and the public school system. Take the time to teach this newest generation. So much basic knowledge has been lost to these children. Be strong and pray for God’s blessings.

  3. Love your thoughts and ideas about the role of a wife. At first my wife and I would disagree on some subject and it was very hard for her after 10 years of being a single mother to back off and submit to my leadership. All I had to do was read Ruth to her and use that as an example. I think, as you stated, the burden that falls on the husband for bad decisions should not be taken lightly.

  4. The Feminine Genius is alive and well, if still a bit hidden.

    The only thing I think I might be able to add is we need to remember we’ve fallen to our animal natures, and that isn’t necessarily bad, but must be recognized and channeled.

    For men, they don’t have “wandering eyes”, that is something hardwired into the brain – the flesh. Men are programmed to see beauty as they do as representing health and fertility. This is a reason for women to maintain their appearance – not for the women’s bible study at church, but so their husband’s radar will still want to lock in on them.

    But women too have their hardwired desires. You can’t explain why 50 shades is popular even among “feminists”? Easy. Someone called it “mommy porn”. What fires the same “attractive mate” neurons is a dominant man. Check Amazon romance novel themes. In the top are Alphas and Cowboys. Protectors and providers.

    Even Christian women are wired to reject “nice”, but it requires explanation. Women are wired to test mates, to use the polite version a “fitness test”. Have you ever made an unreasonable request of your man, and when he went and did it you found him LESS desirable? This is the problem, if a man can’t stand up to a single hen-peck, how is he going to protect you from a real threat? That is part of the wiring, so women need to catch themselves testing their men, and men need to deny excessive requests.

    Also see:

    1. TZ,
      You make some great points!

      I believe these basic desires that you describe as animal natures have more to do with the separation of Adam (when God made Eve) into two distinct parts that deeply, basically long for each other than merely relating to animals, but I admit to not yet reading your links. (I intend to.)

      I absolutely agree that it is important for a woman to keep her husband’s eyes satisfied. Men are visually stimulated. This is something I have to make an effort to do, as I work the homestead and therefore am not wearing a fancy dress, high heels, and makeup during the day. Still, I can do things to be attractive to Hugh while on the homestead and after work is done. My hair, face, and clothing can be flattering, and I can be clean and smell nice, too. A cotton dress or denim skirt with colorful t-shirt or blouse is my normal attire rather than blue jeans, as I want Hugh to always see me as his lady. I may be in work boots or hiking shoes in my cotton dress or skirt, but I am making an attempt to look feminine. He seems to respond favorably, too.

      Just as important, a man should demonstrate that he is a strong provider and protector for his woman. He doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be!) rough with her to do so. He does need to be able to firmly say “no” to anyone who pushes his boundaries or tries to take advantage of the family. Within the family, he needs to stand his ground when it is the right thing to do. The women of SurvivalBlog (or the survival community) are likely to be more sensitive to the need for a protector than most in these uncertain times.

      I am fortunate that Hugh does not speak to me in anger. He can be firm but is always loving. However, I respond to him, and a look is often enough between us for me to know that I’ve said enough. We know each other well, and there is love and respect. No need to harshness. There is a great deal of gentleness, kindness, and thoughtfulness. However, anyone who messes with me or our family will have to go through him, and I have no doubts of the abilities of my protector. He calmly and firmly negotiates favorably on our family’s behalf for good and reasonable deals and defends us against more than just physical threats. These are all part of what attracts me to him. It’s not just that he is able to hit that bulls eye again and again with a variety of weapons at long distances, and he can!

      Thank you so much for your additional comments. They are right on target!

    1. Newbie,
      I’m glad to hear it. To God be the glory. It comes from His word and His instruction for life.
      Hugh and I have found happiness because we have submitted to our Creator’s ways. While in the beginning it seems like a sacrifice to do so, we soon discovered the great benefits and blessings of living in harmony with our Creator’s instruction.
      The Bible is the absolute best guide book for relationships. It speaks of the role of the groom and the bride from Genesis through Revelation. Though sometimes those terms mean more than a single man and woman, the concept is clearly significant to God and should be to us as well.
      A Godly marriage relationship is a light in the world to testify of our faith through the peace, unity, and strength it brings between two who are distinct but become one in more than physical ways. Their hearts, minds, and purposes are aimed in the same direction.

      I also want to share a message to you, Newbie, and all like you making the transition in life from a Nordstrom lifestyle to a survival-minded one. I understand this and am pleased you are working with your husband to prepare your family on a budget. We need to make sacrifices of what is fleeting worldly vanity (like nail and hair salon expenses that I have known, too) to secure the future of our families. It’s something we should think about every time any of us reach to put something in the cart, whether online or at the store. Men have their things, too. I ask myself if this item helps me or my family become stronger and healthier (physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually) or more self sufficient or prepared. Does it help our family defend ourselves or our property, meet a real need (versus want), or honor the LORD’s instruction, including honoring our parents and caring for widows and orphans? If the answer is “no”, then I probably don’t buy it. It’s a want and an “extra”. We have a strict budget that allows for only a small amount of extras, like hair care, lipstick, or mascara. (The answers to the questions about them are “no”, so they’re extras.) I actually cut all of the men’s hair myself to save money, and I have been known to cut my own long hair, too. I’ve done this for more than 20 years, though I have no professional training. I suspect there are plenty of youtube articles if you want to go this route, but it isn’t necessary, as there are some very good reasonable barbers and hair stylists for simple cuts. By sticking to our budget and postponing many “extras”, we’ve discovered we can do without some of them. In this budget process, we have accomplished much.

      We appreciate the prepping community who are loyal to SurvivalBlog, like you, and help us spread its valuable message! God bless you all! We can only do this because of people like you!

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