Letter Re: Strangling Wranglerstar

Dear Mr. Rawles and Mr. Latimer,

You’ve mentioned that Wranglerstar is your favorite YouTube channel. As you may know, YouTube has changed the rules. Wranglerstar has a “not family-friendly” rating and is not eligible for advertising revenue. Meanwhile, Wranglerstar has never featured a tiny shred of the porn, violence, or other foolishness that abounds elsewhere on/in YouTube. They have also done this with other channels conveying useful information. Gun-safety, ethical hunting, or most everything else depicted therein of a traditionalist Americana cast is hit. Enclosed below is the relevant video by Wranglerstar.

But I also wanted to ask if you, who would seem to know a great deal more about the practical aspects of the legal world than do I, might be able to think of a way to bring some kind of Trump Administration DOJ/Commerce antitrust pressure on YouTube, which, as I understand it, is a tentacle on the privacy-peeling Google Octopus, and which keeps buying up all emerging video-transfer-competitors, making itself a de fact cartel in the video-knowledge-transfer business.

If multiple and competing video-distribution networks existed, traditional Americans could vote with their virtual feet. A Just and open market would be able to determine what we—those Americans still normal enough to actually have and raise families—thought worthy of our patronage. Any ideas?

Here’s the relevant Wranglerstar video. The portion concerning the strangulation of any content not in accord with Google’s Worldview begins at about 11:38 – GJM

HJL’s Comment:

There has been quite a bit of discussion among bloggers on finding alternatives to the 800lb gorillas of Google (YouTube) and Amazon and no real consensus has been reached. Part of the reason they are so ubiquitous is the fact that everyone knows that they can get product/services from these giants. In addition, the very fact that they are 800lb gorillas gives them the ability to deliver. Sadly, it also gives them power to strangle. There is considerable debate even about their reasoning for the restrictions that both giants have placed on their services, but there is no question that there are many incidental casualties as well as intentional casualties. Some firearms-oriented vloggers like Hickock45 are migrating towards Full 30 while others are talking about Patreon. We would love to hear from our readers about other viable options.

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