Letter Re: We, The Women

Mrs Latimer,

There are many women in pink hats who are likely to end up spinsters with cats.

There’s “farmersonly.com”, but I don’t know that a Redoubt “self-sufficient spouses” dating site would do much worse. You may wish to consider it.

There are so many holy, God loving women. I don’t think any were marching in the Women’s March, though many might have been in the pro-life marches. There was a tiny screech-fest in a local town; I’ll wait to see if they want to blow up the white house or unleash a stream of profanities.

I think there will be (non-great) tribulation in the U.S., but here in the Redoubt the strong, faith-filled families will be nothing but blessed by God for their faith. Now, if we can only get more of them together. – T.Z.