Letter: Prayer Works – 11th Hour Attempt by France to Further Jam Up Israel Flops


It looks clear that Trump administration support of Israel will be (thankfully) almost a polar opposite to the disdain and malicious “one step forward-three steps back” policy of Obama. The last straw occurred when the U.S. broke with their consistent 68-year policy of supporting Israel at the UN. In late 2016, the U.S. allowed a significant condemnation of Israel through the UN resolution that the U.S. allowed through the Security Council by refusing to veto it. Sensing Israeli blood in the water, France hastily organized a kangaroo court-style 2017 Paris Mideast peace conference that was set up for the sole purpose of further condemning Israeli actions before the Obama administration’s anti-Israel window closes. Many were concerned the conference had the potential result of seeing an additional, even harsher UN resolution that, among other things, would try to force Israeli actions and territorial concessions that would have surely lead to their destruction, especially with the world now on the brink of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Fortunately, many stood up to this blatant action with prayer and other opposition for a conference that was a curious replay of a similar, French-led attempt 70 years ago to do the same thing. That meeting was organized by largely the same players to again try to force a two-state solution into existence. Both times it was attempted the same way– without the agreement or involvement of either Israel or the Palestinians.

Fortunately, the 2016 version also failed to gain any traction. Here is a more detailed analysis of the meeting and its outcome. Keep praying blessings on Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem as well as pushing our political leadership to continue their support of Israel as well. – R.F.