Two Letters Re: Major Mistakes With a Building Contractor


I wholeheartedly second Pete’s comments in his letter regarding BM’s Major Mistake. In addition to the excellent suggestions Pete made, I would encourage BM to talk to whatever consumer protection agency operates in that area, as well as whoever licenses contractors. Both of them should be willing and able to help him and let BM know if this guy is a frequent flyer with them. If I lost 100k, I’d be out for blood, but I’d settle for getting as much of money back from this clown as possible. – Spotlight

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In Oregon there is a Contractor’s Board, and it is very easy to file a complaint, stating (and documenting) a value of damages sought. I once had to sue a plumber this way and was awarded damages that were paid by the plumber’s bonding company. Another contractor told me that this would probably be enough to prevent the plumber from every getting bonded again, thus ending his career as a professional plumber in my state. – D.B.