Two Letters Re: The Common Discussion


I would like to add one statement to this discussion. The door going in and out of the USA swings both ways. Is it a matter of my way or the highway? In a word, no. However, I am begging for any liberal of any stripe to please tell me where it is so much better to live on this planet, and once stated, why are you not there? I am a firm believer in voting with your feet. I and many others have done it, and so can anyone else. Quit your complaining. – C.N.

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Without the 2nd amendment the Constitution is merely idealistic graffiti written upon a parchment barrier. With only the 2nd amendment, you have all the liberties in the rest of the Constitution and can reconstruct the whole. Without the 2nd amendment, you only have the liberties the tyrants find in the Constitution, if any. – T.Z.