Letter Re: Harbor Freight Motion Alarm


I have been reading the comments on the Harbor Freight motion alarm in the past few entries. I have had one of these units monitoring my driveway for the last 10 years or so. It works flawlessly. I had an old plug laying around that fit the receiver, so I only use batteries in the monitor. You can see in the attached photos that I spray painted it brown to camouflage the look, although I moved it from a more brown colored tree to a more grey colored one after my neighbor got a dog, which kept setting off the alarm when he was in his front yard. I haven’t gotten around to repainting it, but it is still not that noticeable even with the black zip tie holding it up. When it goes off, my ankle biter dog charges up onto the couch, and her resulting bark tells me if it is a person coming to the door, a deer wandering through, or the occasional squirrel that runs up that tree. I can’t recommend it highly enough. – Spotlight