Letter Re: Growing Pineapples

Mr. Hugh,

This is a very good post on growing pineapples. We have grown them in similar manner for several years. We don’t root ours in water but place them in large (3 gallon) pots with very moist potting soil. They are repotted as needed into larger pots to complete their growing time. Be sure to let the base of the “top” dry out as G.J. says. We prefer raising them in the pots because they can be moved easily to a warmer location as needed, weeds aren’t a problem, and the moisture is better controlled during times of drought. As G.J. said, they taste unbelievably good. We have a person in our group who visits Hawaii regularly. When she tasted a bite, her eyes lit up and she said “Wow, it tastes like it is fresh from the field”. It was cut and sliced two hours earlier. This plant is a very good antidote to monotony in a food shortage. Plus, by replanting the top, you always have a renewable “seed source”. M.R.