A Post-Election Prayer Request, by JWR

I was pleased to see that the American electorate rejected Hillary Clinton’s bid to become President. Had she been elected, the damage that she would have done to the nation would have been incalculable.

I encourage SurvivalBlog readers of faith to pray for the incoming Trump Administration. In particular, please focus your prayers on Godly government and small, fiscally conservative government.

President-Elect Trump will need sound advice from responsible, well-seasoned men and women in business and industry. I encourage him to recruit a council of wise elders to advise his administration, as unreimbursed volunteers. This council should be drawn primarily from FAMILY-owned businesses. The following list might be a good starting point for the council:

Former Congressman Ron Paul, Willie Robertson (Duck Commander CEO), Donald Schneider (Schneider National Trucking), Scott Simplot, Peter Thiel, Samuel R. Allen (Deere & Company), actor Jon Voight, Doyle Simons (Weyerhaeuser Trust), Alan Hassenfeld (Hasbro), Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Erich Pratt (Executive Director, Gun Owners of America), Benjamin F. (Tad) Edwards IV (A.G. Edwards Company), economist Ben Stein, Jim Perdue (Perdue Farms), Peter Hanson “Pete” Coors (Molson Coors Brewing Co.), Clint Eastwood, Michael H. Thaman (CEO of Owens Corning), John Walker (founder of AutoCAD), David Green (founder of Hobby Lobby), singer Pat Boone, Kyle Bass (Hayman Capital Management), Andy Taylor (Enterprise Rent-A-Car), and Harold (Terry) McGraw III (McGraw-Hill).

We are living in the Internet age, so this council could have virtual meetings via secure videoconferencing. There would be no need for them to meet face to face.

As an aside, I must also issue a warning that The Powers That Be (TPTB) may attempt to crash the U.S. economy and the U.S. Dollar shortly after Donald Trump takes office, to stop him from scaling back the government. This could be orchestrated through a debt crisis via higher interest rates. It is noteworthy that a prime rate above 5% will make it almost impossible for the U.S. Government to service its debt without a risk of default.

I encourage the Trump Administration to drastically scale back the Federal government in part by eliminating unconstitutional and wasteful agencies and programs (such as the BATFE, EPA, Department of Education, National Endowment for the Arts [NEA], et cetera). I also encourage President-Elect Trump to nominate God-fearing, freedom-loving, and strict Constructionist men and women to the Federal bench. I beg you to keep your campaign promises, Mr. Trump!

Please make President-Elect Trump and his transition team a part of your daily prayers!

If any SurvivalBlog readers have contact with anyone on the Trump transition team, then please forward this brief essay to them.