Three Letters Re: Paper Maps

Hugh / Jim,

In reference to the short article on road maps, I offer two things: Folding paper maps are still available at AAA, free to members or to customers through their travel agency. (Ask a friend or family member to pick a few up for you.) Regarding the Gazetteers, these are the best general purpose map books you can get for the state you live or travel in. They are available at every Mart store for around $20. They are exact copies of topographical maps in your (state) area, including remote and back country areas, which in turn will enable you to locate and reference, print out, or purchase online through USGS or National Geo, the correct topo map(s) for your area of travel. – Rucksack Rob

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I offer an addition to C.B.’s article about paper maps. Welcome centers are a good source of free maps. State maps are always there. Some centers have city maps also. Great site!! Thank you, Eddie

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Just a couple of quick comments on two articles from the blog.

1. Paper Maps. I would suggest (if someone hasn’t already) Barnes and Noble. I found paper maps of my state and all surrounding states (I live in the southwest), as well as maps of large cities within those cities. Although they are topo maps, they should help in the event of a bug out.

2. Durable paper. I would suggest that folks look into “cleanroom” paper. I can’t tell you how it’s manufactured, but (through experience) I know it is very durable, quite tear resistant, and runs through copiers without problems. It is also smudge resistant. One should be able to find it online.

Just a couple of thoughts – DRG