Notes for Sunday – September 04, 2016

September 4, 1862 is the fateful day that General Lee invaded the North with 50,000 troops. Historians will banter back and forth about the real reasons for the civil war, but we will probably never fully understand. It is my personal belief that General Lee was gambling on a quick offensive because the South did not have the resources for a prolonged war. Whatever the case was, President Abraham Lincoln trampled the Constitution and created the foundation for the “Big Brother” government we have today.

Lay The Groundwork for the Future- Part 1, by Sarah Latimer

I really feel like a farmer’s wife this week. We’ve been busy up to our eyebrows harvesting, processing the harvest, canning, freeze drying, dehydrating, and even butchering as well as doing some welding and other structural homesteading chores. Whew! It’s been a hard but productive week. I am exhausted and thankful that Sabbath is almost here so we can rest, and even before it arrives I give God great thanks for His goodness and provision and for the knowledge to participate in the cycle of life! It’s Hard Work, But It’s For Their Future There are mornings when I wake …

Letter Re: Dehydrator Screens

Hugh, I’m not sure how I came across SurvivalBlog, but I’ve been reading it for a while now and really like it. I’m glad to see someone “telling it like it is”. Anyway, the post about dehydrator screens caught my eye, ’cause I’ve been thinking about that very topic lately. And wouldn’t you know it, I got my dehydrator from Aldi (my default grocery store) and it has (just as I wanted) round trays. Yesterday, I went into Dollar Tree (another favorite) for something entirely unrelated and came across some splatter guards for skillets. (I should probably get one for …

Economics and Investing:

Conor Sen: Conditions Are Ripe for a Big-City Exodus o o o Which shipping company is next to fall? People should view this as a canary about the decline of the global economy. Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy unlikely to ease glut of ships – P.S. o o o OPEC Pumps Record Crude In August o o o Yet another example of consolidation of ownership at a local level. McDonald’s Is Pushing Out the Small Fries o o o The Ethics of Entrepreneurship and Profit o o o SurvivalBlog and its editors are not paid investment counselors or advisers. Please see our …

Odds ‘n Sods:

Another Cold Steel Rawles Voyager knife review, this time from Germany (auf Deutsch): Cold Steel Rawles Voyager XL Tanto o o o U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS To Round Up And Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away The Key – DSV o o o ‘Prepper’ Obama: Says nation is on its own, preparing is your ‘duty’ – G.G. o o o Leaked Catalogue Reveals a Vast Array of Military Spy Gear Offered to U.S. Police – B.B. o o o Huma for Acting President in 2017? – D.S.