Letter Re: Offensive Against ISIS


Regarding ysterday’s posted story:

Another potential mass shooter at the Oregon Clackamas Mall turned the long gun on himself, after killing two, when confronted by one civilian armed with a pistol.

With a new administration, if we can stop subsidizing those of the do-nothing immigrants with undeserved and costly welfare, many of them will self-deport. Also, fewer of that type would come in the first place. They have no reason to assimilate if they don’t have to work. Why are you and I financing this?

Syrian refugees are not only potentially very dangerous, but our government is purposely not approving Christians from Syria and also deporting illegal Christian immigrants though not deporting illegal Muslims.

The next mass casualty attack might very well be similar to and build on the unfortunate success of the hijackings of 9/11/01 except using easy to train, steal, and fly Cessnas, which can be quickly fueled up and stuffed with gasoline cans and propane bottles and flown into stadiums full of 90,000 people by the dozen airplanes. Unfortunately, very hard to stop. The training could occur way in advance anywhere in the world.

We must immediately and completely defeat this 1,500 year old violent hating aggressive ideology, whether ISIS or not, and stop the immigration Jihad.