Letter Re: Sawyer Water Filter Additional Information


I would like to add some information about the Sawyer water filter. One of the readers mentioned that the Sawyer filter use to be 1,000,000 gallons, and now it’s 100,000. Those are two separate filters. The 1-million gallon filter is the larger version. The 100,000 gallon is the mini version, which I personally have used since it came on the market. I do a lot of hiking, backpacking, and exploring in the outdoors. I like to carry my Camelback for ease of drinking and carrying my water. What I recommend is to buy the Mini Sawyer filter, cut the Camelback tube in the middle, and install the filter there. Just fill the Camelback and go back to hiking. It makes the suction a little tougher to get the water, but it’s not hard whatsoever. I have never had any issues, and I have found this is has been the easiest way to get clean water in the back country. It’s also lighter than a lot of hand-operated filters. Most filters are susceptible to freezing temperatures, including the ceramic ones. I like to take a zip lock baggie with me and put the Mini Sawyer filter in it at night, which I then put at my feet in my sleeping bag. You will never have a frozen filter, it won’t make a mess, and it’s still super light to carry around. I highly recommend buying a few to keep with your supplies. – D.S.