Letter Re: onPoint Tactical Course

Hugh and Jim,

I won the opportunity to attend one of the onPoint Tactical courses through the SurvivalBlog writing contest. However, I knew my 23-year-old son would get a lot more out of it than I, and Kevin Reeve (owner) graciously allowed Luke to attend in my place. He couldn’t have been more grateful for all he learned in the Basic Scout course.

He spent hours telling the rest of the family of all he learned, and we all practiced some of the skills. (Luke has practiced a lot more than the rest of us.) And Luke immediately started making plans to attend the Advanced Scout course, which he would have to pay for himself. This is coming from a full-time student (fortunately on full ride scholarship) who works part time and is also building a tiny house for himself on our property, all without carrying any debt. He doesn’t just pinch his pennies; he has them squealing and begging for mercy.

He just recently completed the Advanced Scout course, and again, he got so much out of it that he is making plans for his next course.

Kevin Reeve is completely professional but also very easygoing and personable. The training he provides is for real world situations we may well find ourselves in. Every family preparing for difficulties ahead in a non-urban environment needs to send at least one family member to these courses. It is worth every penny. – J.R.