Letter Re: Digital Currency Weapons and Intel Tools


I have recently been doing a bit of research for my Payroll and Accounting class, and part of that led me to a 2007 Kansas law that allowed employers to select the form of payment to employees. These include things you might expect, like cash, direct deposit, checks, and more interestingly for me payroll debit cards. The payroll debit cards led to further research I thought worth sharing and somewhat related. To be clear, I fully support a laissez-faire approach to private business, but the digital trend may be worth looking at.

First, governments around the world are keenly looking toward digital currency. The benefits have been heralded as everything from reducing costs of printing, reducing crime and drug use, and more transparent tax implementation and even keeping us safe from terrorism. Lastly, the trendiest argument for digital currency is that it’s green.

Further, that warrant-less search and seizure of financial information as well as every other detail about you is collected by the government, regardless of your involvement in some sinister crime. That as I see my fellow citizens stripped of rights and liberties (most recently California) I have to ask myself what the strategic long-term plan for our nation really is? What would the average American today think if they had to obtain a $200 tax stamp to exercise the right to free speech or assemble peaceably? Or perhaps a $25 license and background check to be secure in their person from unreasonable search and seizure? Yet we allow, even welcome that and more for rights granted not by government but by our Creator.

If experience has taught me anything in my few years, I would agree with a quote oft attributed to George Washington– “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master”. So are we willing to trade our birthrights of liberty and freedom for what some would claim is social justice, fairness, and safety? When do we become men and women of the Republic that say enough is enough? When do we stand and fight for what we claim to believe in? If not us, then who, and if not now, then when? Is the progressive mechanism of tyranny and oppression so sly that we cannot honestly see the direction we are headed?

So, I say all that to broach the question, what can we do going forward to bring forth real change? What if anything short of a miracle will restore the Republic? How can we turn over a Nation to our children and grandchildren that is better than what we received from our fathers?

Some good articles listed below for more in depth reading:

HJL Comments: I assume by “change” you mean “roll back the changes that have occurred”. The answer is actually very simple; it’s just not easy. All of these changes over the last 70+ years that are so disturbing are directly related to the failure of the functional family, which is directly related to the hearts of those who manage the families– men and women. The only way for this absurd nonsense to stop is for the hearts of the people to turn back to God and His ways. I’m not just talking about warming a church pew here either. We are the ones who keep electing problematic candidates to office (in search of selfish economic solutions), and they know they can get by with it because we keep compromising our ethical standards. It is only when we stop compromising our personal and family ethics and hold our leaders to the same standards that we will see change. It is costly, but economics are far from the most significant loss our nation has experienced. God’s blessing, integrity, work ethic, respect, compassionate care for our neighbors, quality education, and healthy and stable marriages/families are just some of those things that have been sacrificed. It will take each person making changes in their hearts and actions at home and in their communities and stepping up to be part of the solution, ready to honor God and give rather than just thinking selfishly and about how to take. Look at George Washington (and other founding fathers), whom you quoted, who was willing to serve his nation in very difficult circumstances and did so with a great deal of personal sacrifice and integrity.