Document It! The Pressing Need for More Citizen Journalists

The recent tragic police shooting events have made it clear that there is a need to have more citizens of all skin tones document their interactions with the police, federal agents, and all public officials. For your own protection and for the protection of our collective rights, I strongly recommend taking these steps, immediately:

  1. Get press credentials.

    Genuine press credentials with Photo ID are available free of charge and can be printed out immediately at our blog spinoff web site.

  2. Carry a sign.

    Print and carry a “PRESS” sign to display on your dashboard. (Also available free at the web site.)

  3. Buy or make a “PRESS” label for the back of your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Buy and use dashcams.

    You need more than just a smartphone. Buy a pair of dash cameras for your car or truck. I recommend pointing one of them forward and one of them angled, facing both the driver and the driver’s side window. And, if you can afford it, buy three cameras, with the third camera facing out the back window. These cameras film a continuing two-hour loop in high definition video with audio. Get in the habit of always plugging them in before you leave your driveway. They might save you a lot of grief in the event of a traffic accident, or they could even save your life or the life of a loved one in the event of a tense encounter with police. (The presence of web cameras tends to put people on their best behavior.) One important proviso: In many states, because of “wiretapping” laws, you must immediately announce: “This conversation is being audio and video recorded, for everyone’s protection.” (If a police officer objects, then ask: “Is your car is equipped with a dashcam?” He will probably answer “yes”. Then ask, “If you can have one, then why can’t I?”, and remind him: “Legally, there is no expectation of privacy in a public place.”

  5. Rehearse it!

    Print out some important reference material, and have all of your family members regularly rehearse exactly what they should and shouldn’t say in the event of an encounter with an official. This way, they will be ready to politely but insistently assert their Constitutional rights.

  6. Speak Up, and Roll Film

    Speak up for the constitutional rights of others. If you see others being oppressed, then speak up about it and document the event. Again, the presence of cameras rolling tends to put people on their best behavior.

  7. Pray and ask for God’s guidance and protection.

    Perhaps I should have listed that as Item #1.


America has entered a time of great turmoil. This is part of what I call the Age of Deception and Betrayal. Our Constitutional rights are now in serious peril, folks. Remember: The First Amendment and Second Amendment reinforce each other. And they both back up the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Part of your family preparedness is arming yourself with press credentials and dashcams. Do it today! – JWR.