Six Letters Re: Myths About Income Inequality

Hello Gentlemen,

I am as capitalistic as they come and have spent the entirety of my life as the son of a self-employed concrete contractor, then owning and running several of my own businesses. Some of us though are questioning the huge profits rolling out of some of the Wall St. firms due to the QE policy of the Fed. It seems like the scales are getting out of balance because of this policy, and the distribution of wealth is appeasing Wall Street while the POTUS’s policies and regulations discourage middle income entrepreneurs. The top few percent get government bailouts and windfalls; the bottom 20% or so get increasing benefits; and the backbone of the country, the middle class business owners and employees, are left to pull the wagon on their own. We should be used to it by now, but I believe we are getting a little sore-shouldered! Thanks for a wonderful site. God bless. – T.K.