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January 4th is the birthday of George Hyde. (Born “Heide” 1888, in Arpfingen, Germany.) He was the chief gun designer for the Inland Division of General Motors (GM) in Dayton, Ohio during World War II. Hyde was best-known as the co-designer of the M3 “Grease gun” SMG and the Liberator pistol. But he also designed the Bendix-Hyde Carbine, and the M2 Hyde submachinegun. He immigrated to the United States in 1927. A gent at the Nitro Express Forums mentioned some details on his life before World War II: “Before 1935 Hyde was the shop foreman and metal man at Griffin …

Fishing Kits and Survival Fishing Techniques, by Henry D.

Fishing was born out of necessity for man to feed himself and his family. Over time it has evolved into a recreational pastime and moved away from a generational skill passed down from father to son. Food can so easily be acquired at your local convenience store that fishing has become a lost art form to most. If we ever find ourselves in a situation where we are lost, without food, or the world as we know it ends. It will be particularly important to know how to procure food for you and your family. The following information is on …

Two Letters Re: Bakken Oil Development has Ended the Peak Oil Debate

Dear Mr. Rawles: Like the author of the letter concerning peak oil and domestic fracking, I too regularly follow your blog but have not felt the need to add comment. However, the author makes several assertions about both the theory of peak oil and the state of oil production that require clarification. The primary hypothesis behind peak oil, the Hubbert peak theory, does not state that after a certain point a nation, or mankind in general, will “never discover any more oil”. Rather, it simply says that oil production at some point reaches a maximum rate, after which it enters …

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Producers Panic as Ethanol Mandate Loses Support G.G. suggested: 1930s-style debt defaults likely, says IMF research Items from The Economatrix: 2014 promises faster growth, but no leap forward Unemployment benefits expiring: Should special help continue beyond 26 weeks? 2014 will be the year of the currency reset and gold backed trade note

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Over at Zero Hedge: Presenting DROPOUT JEEP, your phone is their phone, by The Bard of the American Redoubt    o o o SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large Michael Z. Williamson mentioned this obscure text: Obliterating animal carcasses with explosives.    o o o By way of blog reader Alan W. and the editors of Infowars: Motorist checkpoint in Reading draws questions    o o o Bucky Fuller’s Forgotten WWII Shelters Rediscovered In New Jersey    o o o Jay B. sent: Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit