Letter: Railroad Bugout

Hi Jim,

Here’s an Interesting video from Cambodia, which triggered a series of thoughts on bugging out. You have used railroad tracks and trains in your books to speed along movement away from roads and people. This video shows how anyone who has tracks near them and need an escape route when the roads are blocked could be so very simple. The parts to put this together should be cheap and, depending on location, readily available just to have in the garage as a back up back up plan. I am sure enough readers can also tweek it in such a way as using people power or any other idea to make it work for their situation. My situation is that train tracks about a mile from my city home, pass about 30 miles from my cabin which is 200 miles away from the city home. So it would get me much closer and much faster, if there were road problems getting out.

Have a great day – Ender

JWR Replies: This topic has been raised several times in SurvivalBlog, invariably leading to discussion of the safety and legality of operating a rail bike on any other than completely inactive rail lines. There have also been threads of discussion about the possible use of speeders (which are now largely obsolete, but have a following of hobbyists) and rail-adapted pickup trucks. See the blog archives for details.