Letter Re: When The Schumer Hits (Literally)

Dear Editor:
In response to the article titled: When The Schumer Hits (Literally), by Prepper EMT:

I am on board until we reach the recipe, which calls for lemon juice and lime juice. Unless you live in a citrus grove or in  a state where you can grow citrus and are lucky enough to get sick when the fruit is on the tree you are going to be in trouble here.   I suggest that [instead] each person stocks the ingredients to make a simple electrolyte solution that uses common and easily stored ingredients. There are several recipes to be found by simply doing a search on the internet.  There are also powdered mixes of electrolytes that you can stock. Sporting goods, camping stores and your local vet are all a good place to shop. One of the simplest ones (not necessarily the best) is:

6 teaspoons of sugar,
½ teaspoon of salt,
and 1 liter of water.

There are others that use “lite” salt and baking soda etc.  Do a little research and find the ones that work for you and your ‘pantry’.