Letter Re: Free Food: How I Found it and What I’ve Done With it

The writer of the “Free Food” article wrote that she had not found a good way to preserve avocados and in the next paragraph wrote that she had not had success dehydrating citrus fruit. If that citrus fruit is lemon or lime, it is part of the answer as to what to do with those avocados!

I ordered a box of avocados prior to having a large gathering of friends and family for a long weekend. A personal tragedy prompted several of my guacamole eating guests to depart days early, so I had to think fast as to what to do with a dozen large ripe avocados and even more limes. I decided to mash the avocados and juice the limes, mix them together, put into my vacuum sealer bags, vacuum seal and freeze in serving sizes that will be eaten in a day. It has been a breeze to thaw it, add my spices and peppers and eat as guacamole as well as just thawing it and eating it as a side with Mexican food, salads, eggs, etc. The color is a beautiful bright green, probably because it’s frozen with the juice and vacuum sealed.

Thanks for letting me add a little something to the contributor’s letter. – Sidetrack Susie