Notes from JWR:

July 31st is the birthday of free market economist Milton Freidman (born 1912, died November 16, 2006.) — Camping Survival is having an unprecedented “10% off everything” sale from July 30th to August 1st. Take advantages and use coupon code “everything10“ — Today we present the final entry for Round … Continue reading

If Life Gives You Tomatoes, Make Salsa! By S.M. in Arizona

Gardening in the Southwestern United States is a huge challenge!  Growing a successful garden takes hard work and a commitment to never give up.  My gardening quest began in earnest in October 2010.  Prior to 2010 I had planted seeds in the ground with few, if any, results.  I had … Continue reading

Letter Re: Practice, Cub Scouts, BB Guns, and the Old Guy

Dear Jim and Readers, I want to start out with a little bit of pre-history. About five weeks ago I had my first heart attack, and the doc installed a stint. That was a wake-up call! Wow. Of course the subject by the doc was diet, lose the lard, get … Continue reading

Economics and Investing:

G.G. suggested: Bitcoins banned in Thailand Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – By Winter Unemployment Explodes, More Foreclosures-Worse Than Great Depression Marc Faber: It Will End Either Through War Or Financial Collapse Vinton County Woman Wants Possessions Back After Bank Tried To Repossess Wrong House

Notes from JWR:

Today we remember the birthday of author Reginald Bretnor. He was born Alfred Reginald Kahn on July 30, 1911, in Vladivostok. He died on July 22, 1992 in Medford, Oregon. In addition to penning many witty science fiction novels and short stories in his characteristic style, he also wrote nonfiction … Continue reading

Bone Broth, a.k.a. Stone Soup, by H.A.

Bone broth is slow-simmered broth, made with bones.  Vegetables and/or vegetable scraps are also sometimes used, as is a shot of vinegar to help leach the minerals from the bones.  Bone broth is healthful and frugal. Why make bone broth?  For starters, prepping can be expensive!  Being frugal makes prepping … Continue reading

Letter Re: Preparedness Course Question

Mr. Rawles: If I get the downloadable “Rawles Gets You Ready Preparedness Course” can I print out a copy for my reference binder? Is that considered okay? (I have a giant binder with 4″ rings that my husband got in the Navy that we use for all our prepping references, … Continue reading

News From The American Redoubt:

I heard about another Reformed church in Spokane, Washington: Reformation Community Church. The Pastor is Jeremy Lyerla. Phone: (509) 496-0920.    o o o A study shows that the American Redoubt region and much of the Great Plains region now offer the most opportunity for lower class Americans to rise … Continue reading

Odds ‘n Sods:

Our friend Commander Zero sent this: First Responders Broke Into Shore Army-Navy Store in Seaside Heights During Sandy. The article begins: SEASIDE HEIGHTS – First responders in Seaside Heights were forced to break into an Army-Navy store during Superstorm Sandy. The Shore Army-Navy store, located on Hamilton Avenue, was broken … Continue reading