Notes from JWR:

Today is the birthday of Marine Corps Lt. General Chesty Puller. (Born, 1898, died October 11, 1971.) Perhaps America’s finest-ever maverick officer, Puller was part of what I call the Even Greater Generation. This is also the birthday of my uncle, Joseph Brower. Often in the shadow of his elder brother (the famous environmentalist David Brower), Joe Brower has had an amazing life of his own. He was a navigator on board flying boats during, and after World War II. After the war, as communist troops advanced though China, Joe was a navigator for China National (CNAC.) Then he worked …

Ammunition Caching: A 20 Year Real-World Experiment, by Cache and Carry

           Introduction: Twenty years ago in 1993, I had already been collecting paramilitary style firearms for over 15 years. I remember purchasing my first HK91 rifle in the late 1970s and being so excited about the Galils, Uzis, Valmets, FN/FALs and the other varieties of collectable rifles that were available to a firearms enthusiast in that period of recent American history. Being a collector of arms also made me interested in collecting the ammunition that was abundant in that era. Shortly after getting married in the 1980s, my lovely wife asked, “Why do you need to keep all this ammunition?” …

Letter Re: Circumventing Canada’s Onerous Magazine Ban

Hello Mr. Rawles, This information may be useful for Americans living in states with strict magazine capacities. A loophole exists under Canadian laws that allows shooters the ability to legally bypass magazine capacity restrictions.   Under Canadian law, a magazine DESIGNED for a rifle may only hold five rounds of the caliber it is designed for.  A magazine designed for a pistol may only hold 10 rounds of the caliber for the pistol it is designed for.  But there is no law prohibiting the use of a pistol magazine in a rifle, a magazine designed for a different caliber than …

Economics and Investing:

Jim W. sent a link to some analysis of the recent jump in the 10 Year Treasury rate: The Nightmare Scenario Gold-Bashing Mythology Hits New Crescendo. (Commentary by Jeff Nielson.) Marc Faber: People With Assets Are All Doomed The News, the Spin, and the Reality of the FOMC Meeting No great surprise: Maryland, Virginia, D.C. escaped government spending cuts. (The D.C. Beltway’s deeply entrenched bureaucratic aristocracy rarely suffers.) Items from The Economatrix: Retirement Shortfall May Top $14 Trillion Peter Schiff:  Fed Is Trying To Ref late A Phony Economy Also from Peter Schiff:  “Vicious” Gold Rally Coming

Odds ‘n Sods:

Some great new NOAA imagery: Green: Vegetation on Our Planet    o o o Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods    o o o Who Are The Real Traitors?    o o o R.J. sent: Oklahoma Tornado Victims Have Housing Option in Modular Homes. (The company’s web site gives some more details.)    o o o Craig J. sent: El Dorado County Sheriff Strips Forest Service of State-Law Enforcement Power.

Jim’s Quote of the Day:

"All of the government’s monetary, economic and political power, as well as its extensive propaganda machinery, will be enlisted in a constant battle to drive down the price of gold – but in the absence of any fundamental change in the nation’s monetary, fiscal, and economic direction, simply regard any major retreat in the price of gold as an unexpected buying opportunity." – Irwin A. Schiff