Letter Re: Storing Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite could be worth it’s weight in gold some day [, for drinking water treatment]. I’m very familiar with it because I’ve been a certified Aquatics Facility Operator for ten plus years and it’s a staple item for swimming pools. I’ve had Calcium Hypochlorite sitting around in it’s original shipping container (plastic) for several years, and have observed that the container will eventually turn brittle and break. Not a good situation, especially around some automotive fluids. I now store Calcium Hypochlorite in Ground Glass Stoppered Bottles that are inside of padded 6 gallon buckets. There is no metal to worry about corroding, and the ground glass stopper seals remarkably well. It’s best to not store Calcium Hypochlorite inside living quarters. – Chuck H.

JWR Adds: Since it is corrosive, it is also important not to store Calcium Hypochlorite with any metal within reach of its vapors.

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  1. Very confusing. I’ve also read that calcium hypochlorite has a fairly short shelf life, so purchased a CH generator highlighted here on SB. What’s the truth on storage?

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