Letter Re: AR-7 Type .22 LR Survival Rifles

Regarding the Henry [AR-7 pattern] survival rifle, I feel it is important that readers be made aware of the front sight – in case anybody is considering ordering one before actually handling one. The front sight blade is a piece of plastic which is easily bent slightly with side pressure, and can easily be moved side to side with thumb pressure. I almost purchased the Henry survival rifle to carry in a backpack, in case a disturbance required me to walk a significant distance home. But without reliably accurate sights a firearm is worthless, and I have no confidence that the current production AR-7 front sight will not be moved off zero.

The Marlin Papoose, which you recommended, is also a very good rifle which takes down into a compact package. However, I decided to buy a [Ruger] 10/22 and a Boyd’s folding stock. With the 16.12 inch barrel and stock folded, the rifle fits into a school-type backpack along with basic survival gear for a two day walk home. On the range I can get 2.5 inch groups at 100 yards with the stock barrel and Federal Auto Match ammo. – Brian in Washington