Letter Re: DAK Canned Ham Storage Life and Date Codes

DAK hams were mentioned in a recent article as a good canned meat to store. I agree with this 110%….I’ve actually called and talked to the supervisor of DAK hams in the USA. His name is Ole he is very nice and wonderful to talk too I recommend it… Ole has told me repeatedly that DAK hams will store for at least 5 years at normal room temperatures. Ole
also told me how to read the date code on the can. its format is XXXX H or generally that way the first 2 digits are the DAY of the year and the last 2 are the digits for the YEAR that the can was sealed. so if you have a code 6006 H it was sealed on the 60th day of 2006 and would be good at least until 2011. The 60th day would be about FEB 28th. Ole has also promised that they will not be putting that new virus experiment on their hams since they are cooked and sealed and have no need for germ protection….Thank goodness.
I believe that Ole is from Denmark where DAK hams come from, you can tell when you talk to him. So I trust him a lot with DAK products…DAK hams are also very
inexpensive at $3.99 and have 8 slices of ham in them, good for any backpack venture or survival storage. They also can make a nice little gift to friends or to the poor. – Cruzan