Letter Re: Swords and Bows for that Dreaded Multigenerational Scenario

James: In a multigenerational TEOTWAWKI, consider having a good set of swords (and crossbows). Unlike ammo which may only last 50 years, a good sword will last hundreds. You can choose a Japanese style cutting sword, an epee or foil style piercing sword or a hacking style great sword. All other swords are some variation and combination of these types. A great sword for hacking will take the most abuse but be the heaviest. You should have great arm strength for this. A European style fencing stabbing sword requires speed over strength. If you are a wiry and fast but …

Letter Re: Inexpensive CBs for a Car Emergency Kit?

Jim: You might perhaps solicit some information from other readers relating to inexpensive CB rigs that could be carried in a car emergency kit? Kind Regards, – James C. JWR Replies: My general advice is that I’d rather spend $100 on a used (but guaranteed) SSB rig than I would a brand new-in-the-box rig that doesn’t have SSB capability. Your thoughts, folks?