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Some Thoughts on Ammunition Handloading, by Inyokern

I’m a bit surprised at how little discussion there is of ammunition reloading. While the .223 Remington (5.56×45 NATO) is an imperfect military round, its very easy to reload and the cases last pretty well if you are precise and careful about your loads. Midsized calibers like .308 loads even better, and is less fussy than small calibers are. I realize than an autoloader doesn’t take well to reloads, nor is it reasonable collecting spent brass ejected from one on a battlefield. In addition, most milsurp brass is Berdan primed which is almost impossible (very difficult) to reload. Same with …

Letter Re: Invitation to a Blog “Carnival” on Preparedness and Survival

Hi Jim, I’ve been a sometime reader of your blog since last year, and wanted to invite you to submit an article for the first issue of the Carnival of Preparedness & Survival. If you are willing, you can also extend the invitation to your readers. I can’t promise to use everything that’s submitted, but some of your readers have had interesting things to say, and I’d like to have as much variety as possible in this Carnival. Best Regards, – D.S. Rawles     Disaster Preparedness   SurvivalBlog   Blog Carnival   The Bugout Bag

Odds ‘n Sods:

MurrDoc mentioned that some very durable and water tight 25mm cannon ammo cans are back in stock at Sportsman’s Guide at what he called a “not-too-bad price.” See: Item JX – 6M106293 described in their catalog as a “25 mm cannon Shell Case” $11.97 each plus shipping.    o o o From The Australian: Modern Cities are More Vulnerable Than Old. (Many thanks to Felix for sending the link to this thought-provoking article.)    o o o Front Sight has just posted their 2007 training class calendar. I highly recommend the training there. The Memsahib and I have both trained …