Letter Re: Some Light on the Subject–An Amazing Coincidence

I had major dental surgery yesterday. Sure, I could have ignored it, but most animals are dead when they can’t eat. I consider dental health an excellent investment. In any case, I digress. I brought a flashlight in with me and the office staff and doctor looked at me like I was nuts. “What happens if your power goes out and there I am with a mouth full of blood, power tools and incisions and you can’t see how to stitch me back up?” They told me they hadn’t lost power in over 10 years but I put my flashlight in the corner.
Don’t you know that halfway through the operation, off go the lights. The whole building goes dark. The lights came back on one minute later, and then the entire office staff came in to stare at me dumbfounded. I’ll be an urban legend at that office for generations. A lesson in being prepared. By the way, I was thinking of going back to the dental office when I have the stitches removed with an umbrella in my hand. If they ask why, I’ll say “What happens if the fire alarm goes off and the sprinklers turn on?”, just to mess with them. – SF in Hawaii