Letter Re: Advice on Storage Foods Not Requiring Cooking

Dear James,
My wife and I work long hours and hardly ever cook. We would like to store food but don’t want to rely on anything that has to be cooked. Any suggestions? Thank you, – M.P., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

JWR Replies: Although their per ounce/per calorie cost is higher, there are a couple of approaches that I can suggest for your situation: retort packaged cooked entrees (including U.S. military”Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) entrees, and freeze dried Mountain House entrees. Neither require cooking. The retort packaged entrees are “heat and eat.”, while the freeze dried entrees are “just add water, heat and eat.” For general guidance on the various methods of long term food packaging and their respective storage lives, see the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course. Several of our advertisers sell retort packaged and freeze dried storage foods. To help support SurvivalBlog, please visit the web sites for the following food storage vendors, first. When you contact them, please mention the blog. Thanks!
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