Letter Re: New Jericho TV Series

Dear Jim:
CBS will air its new drama Jericho tonight, where a small Kansas town is suddenly faced with a nuclear explosion in the distance. As Larry from Kansas in Yahoo groups points out, there is in fact nowhere in Kansas where one can stand on a roof top and see mountains in the distance. While it will no doubt be entertaining to see what other liberties Hollywood takes, I do hold out great hope of this new take on nuclear war as a continuing drama, and that for the first time, many folks will suddenly realize: “Hey, I might not die, so then what do I do?”. The show holds promise, but cynicism as to how the major media treats survivalists is of course warranted if not wise, and historically supported. I have started a group on Yahoo (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JerichoCBS/) for discussing this show specifically, and plan to welcome non-survivalists into our discussions. All are welcome to join as long as they abide by certain rules of etiquette and go easy on the newbies, the intent is to be inclusive – Rourke