Letter Re: Swords and Bows for that Dreaded Multigenerational Scenario

With regards to the mentioned topic, I am surprised no one has mentioned axes, or better yet, tomahawks. I recently purchased one from American Tomahawk Company. The model I purchased was designed by Ernest Emerson (CQC-T) and is a wonderful tool. I have used it to clear brush, pry boards, dig holes, and have thrown it without damage. Our forces in Iraq and the ‘stan are using it today with great success, and even some of our law enforcement officers carry them.
Thousands of Native American Indians couldn’t be wrong for using the tomahawk. Early Americans fighting during the Revolution found it to be an effective fighting tool, too. Remember “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson? Looney Mel used one to fight the British during a small skirmish. Several thousand of our troops in Vietnam also found use for the tomahawk, too.
Prices for the American Tomahawk models range from $175 to $350, but there are other models from Cold Steel and elsewhere for a lot less. Just thought I would pass this tidbit on to you and the readers of this blog. Maybe someone with a little more experience using one can share with the rest of us some tips and techniques. Peace to you and your family. – Shooter