Two Letters Re: Personal Hygiene in a Biowarfare World


Peter Hardt tis correct about hand sanitation. To which I would add that auto-inoculation (putting your fingers in your nose, eyes or ears) is now scientifically proven to be the #1 way you get a cold. See the work of Kenneth Seaton. It is basically impossible to clean the underside of our fingernails and this is the most infectious part of our body. Learn not to pick your nose or use your fingernails to rub out sleepyheads. Use a napkin or your shirt. If not, at least use your knuckles…
When in public and concerned about infection, carry your own pen for writing checks and use a credit card over cash.
For public restrooms, don’t be there long when you flush (with your foot, not your hand) as it will make the germs go airborne.
When using toilet paper, discard the first few rotations so airborne bugs that get on the outer part of the roll won’t get on your rectum (a mucus membrane). Before using, put some TP down to reduce splash back. Don’t sit on the toilet if possible but squat over it so only your feet touch the seat. When opening and closing stalls, doors, and using faucets, use a napkin.
Try sanitizing your toothbrush now and again with H2O2 and replace every few months.
Also, if someone doesn’t look well, don’t shake they’re hands. If they are offended, tough. If your hygiene program is working well, you will see your albumin (a blood test value) go up to 4.6 or better. If your albumin is 4.0 or lower and you practice good hygiene, you are likely to either have a chronic infection of the beginnings of cancer. – SF in Hawaii


The hygiene article Peter Hardt was excellent. Are you sure he’s not one of the writers for he TV show ” Monk”? I, personally could relate to about 80% of what he suggests, the other 20% was a great learning experience. The only thing I might add. is to avoid touching things like shopping cart handles, store door handles, places where many have been there before you. And, never accept that pen your smiling waitress or store clerk is offering you to sign your name, use your own.- C.B.