Two Letters Re: .50 BMG Rifles


Those willing to pay a top price for .50 BMG rifles should look at the EDM Arms Windrunner, which bests the Barrett for accuracy, and takes down to a 4-foot-long case (heavy) for more discrete transport. It is also is available in .338 Lapua. They can sell you a “.338” [marked] receiver, which is unlikely to be a banned caliber, and a .50 BMG bolt and barrel. [Based upon the Form 4473] the feds will know only that you have a .338 rifle, and not that you also got some 50 caliber parts along with it, to make your rifle identical to one stamped 50 BMG (read: “ban me”) on the receiver. But the ideal is an AR lower (bought legally in most states in a private want ads sale) with your choice of upper, including a .50 BMG. Barrett and EDM have owners who have taken tough stands against California’s efforts to ban their products. – Mr. Bravo


Dear Jim,
In response to several threads I’d like to offer the following links: this is a magazine fed, bolt action .50 BMG upper for an AR rifle. I haven’t handled one yet, but their machinework looks exceptional, and I find their attitude more professional than that of a couple of the other upper kit makers. [Their site has] good information on what they have. I would recommend the 29″ barrel, or even ask for a custom 36″. An 18″barrel is just too short for a .50. For single shots, has some very interesting options, and also their Multi Caliber Rifle built on an AR type receiver. – Michael Z. Williamson