Two Letters Re: Request for Blog Reader Recommendations–Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM?

To reply to the reader about the [Springfield Armory] M1A SOCOM [variant]. First, I have had and do have several M1A-A1 Scout rifles. I would not trade any of them for any other main battle rifle. Second, I personally know several [former] SEAL Team 2 members and other men who have worked with BlackWater in Iraq. The SOCOM is there preferred weapon, other than what would be Class 3 weapons for us [civilians]. – “Woo”

While I cannot speak to the SOCOM, I am the proud owner of an M1A Scout (my understanding that the primary difference in the two models is the muzzle brake/compensator, and the SOCOM is a slightly shorter barrel, perhaps due to the different muzzle brake). I give this rifle a heart-felt thumbs-up. It shoots better than I do, swallows anything I feed it (accuracy wise, it doesn’t like the Indian stuff, I get horrible groups with it; South African surplus averages about 3 MOA, but premium Federal is sub-MOA), and Springfield has bent over backwards with regards to customer service (when I ordered a 5-round magazine). Complaints: It is heavy for a shorter rifle, especially with the Springfield 7.62 scope and mount that I have on it. It was a real wrestling match to field strip it the first few times, until it was broken in. Oh yes, the fact that it costs [like] a small mortgage to purchase. (Springfield is back-ordered, so if you can find one under $1,400, then grab it) Other than that, it’s my primary weapon, and I’m using it this season on New York bear and deer (with the legal 5-round sporting magazine). Best Regards, – Mike