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Dear Jim,

As a very long time ebayer, I know the site quite well. In response to where to purchase old U.S. road maps (and indeed other countries), currently there are almost 3000 maps on ebay. Some are so old that some of the newer big interstates are not on there, but the back roads and rural county roads will be. That is probably how most people will plan their bugging out. – H.L.

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In a recent letter, reader C.B. notes that Rand McNally’s map book is sometimes the only available map of the area. From my 20+ years over-the-road truck driving experience, I submit that the Rand McNally Atlas is your best bet for general navigation. However, for your local area, the USGS 7.5 minute maps are by far more detailed. These are available through one of the government’s few worthwhile endeavors, the USGS Store. – R.K.

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I agree that paper road maps are a “must have” as an addition to GPS. Any state I have ever been in provides free, official, state road maps in an attempt to build tourism. When I travel by car I can usually find a state sponsored visitor information center near the state line that will provide free paper maps. The centers won’t be everywhere a highway enters a state. When there is no visitor center, I stop at the visitor center or chamber of commerce in the first town I get to. They will usually provide free state maps along with their tourist information. On a recent trip I got my updated map in the lobby of the hotel I stayed at. It was in a rack where tourist information was provided. A map for each vehicle and one for a BOB is my practice. – S.M.

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