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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. I highly recommend reading the article on Power Grid Intrusions in today’s postings.

Update on Arrested Nurse

Jeff Payne, who was fired after arresting nurse Alex Wubbels has stated that he intends to appeal the decision as he believes it wasn’t fair to him. attorney Greg Skordas has publicly stated that if the body cams had not been widely circulated, which generated much publicity, he would still be employed. Aw shucks! If only he hadn’t been caught violating Wubbels civil rights. Thanks to reader T.P. for the link.

Licensing Journalists

Reader C.F. sent in this article on an Indiana state lawmaker who has proposed a bill that would require all journalist be licensed by the state police. It is highly unlikely that this bill will advance through the legislature, but the fact that the lawmaker proposed it shows an incredible ignorance of the constitution and is downright scary.

Water Purification

Ready Made Resources has created a new video showing the Trekker Portable Water Purification Plant. This processor is capable of delivering up to one gallon per minute of purified water from nearly any source and is powered from any 12 volt source. I should note that Ready Made Resources is a long time advertiser on SurvivalBlog and you can get the water processor direct from them.


Congress was warned again of the dangers that an EMP attack on the U.S. with a 90% casualty rate of the population in the first year. I have heard from many who doubted this number, but I would remind them that virtually all stores (food, clothing and otherwise) rely upon the Just in Time (JIT) philosophy of inventory. Basically, the stores “back room” inventory is on the delivery trucks arriving on a daily (or hourly) timescale. There is no local inventory in the vast majority of stores anymore. If the trucks stop rolling because of lack of fuel, the cities begin to starve within days. thanks to C.F. for the link.

Socialism Explained

Reader D.B. sent in this link to a video that fully explains the history of socialism. The video is is over 24 hours long, but don’t worry, you won’t have to watch the whole thing to get a full grasp of the concept. In fact, I recommend that you don’t watch the whole video, but just the first few minutes. Fast forward to the last few minutes and you will be laughing.

Power Grid Intrusion

Have you ever wondered how power grid intrusions work? Reader G.P. sent in this link that explains the multi-step process required for hackers to gain control of the power grid and what you should know about it. Most intrusions that you hear of are not of critical systems as there is typically a gap between the informational and operational aspects of power grids. However, every breach gives the hacker the opportunity to learn a bit more about the system.

Federal Ammunition Plant Layoffs

Federal has announced that they will be laying off 200 more employees bringing the 2017 total to 310. While some of this is certainly due to the streamlining of the production process, it is also indicative of the overall health of the firearms industry which is still struggling with oversupply from the ramped up production to meet shortages just a year ago. I guess we need to buy more ammo!

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  1. Licensing Journalists.

    In reading the article, it becomes clear that the legislator in question was simply making a point about the media’s coverage of attempts to reduce/remove state licensing requirements for conceal-carry permits. It was not in any sense an effort to license journalists. Perhaps he was engaged in making a commentary over the constitutional issue regarding the Second Amendment by applying the same logic used to restrict gun rights to the First Amendment.

  2. All good comments on the EMP issue, however, it won’t take days for the negative effects to show up. City wells pump water into water towers just a bit faster than they drain, or at least on most cases.
    During a building spree in my area a few years ago, my shower water was interrupted because the nearby water tank up the street had run dry. The well could not keep up with the increasing demand the new residents were placing on it. I did have some 2 liter bottles of water handy to rinse off with, but the point here is that when power dies, your water supply will end in minutes to hours. And that will be all you’ll ever see out of your faucet for many years. Many Americans won’t live long enough to delve into their food stockpile if they perish from thirst in three days. Plan for providing safe drinking water for your family for years. A Berkey won’t do it. It can be a component in your system, but alone, a single emergency filter will fail you. But that’s a topic for another day. The 90% die-off may be optimistic!

  3. Re: Arrested Nurse
    Every cop who was present at the time of
    arrest should have been fired also.
    This whole situation PROVES that cops will stand
    idly by and do nothing when one of their own
    knowingly and with malice violates a law abiding citizen’s rights. Law enforcement corruption runs deep and must dealt with in the most serious of

    be delt with

    1. I will disagree. If this were a life or death situation I would agree with you but it was nothing more than a bad arrest. The nurse survived unharmed and the cop got “justice”. In fact I would offer that this was a great thing. It is now burned into the mind of every policeman who might have been tempted to do this in the future. This event like none other in recent time may well prevent a lot of misuse of power by the police.

      1. This got enough attention AND most importantly the right outcome to wake the bad cops. I am certainly not saying it will prevent bad cops acting out but I bet a cop never again arrests a nurse for refusing to take a blood test.

        As for the other cops, of course what you are saying is partially true, but the senior officer and/or the “arresting/investigating” officer is in charge. You cannot have every Tom, Dick and Harry with a badge second guessing all the time. IF this had been a serious breach of the law THEN I would agree that other police present should have stepped in. It wasn’t, they didn’t and as a result the best possible outcome occurred.

  4. Count me as one of those who doubts the 90% die off as a result of an EMP attack. By comparison the shooting in Las Vegas should have killed thousands of people, maybe tens of thousands. But it didn’t. It didn’t because everything changed once the situation became deadly and humans reacted to try to help themselves. This is exactly what will happen after an EMP. I am confident that human ingenuity and necessity will prevail and we will see a massive effort to prevent that 90% die off. I’m not saying it will be fine just that we will meet the crisis and we will survive. Those most at risk, the elderly, the sick and injured may not do well but most of us will. I do suspect that in larger cities that riots and looting will take lives and cause suffering but that tends to happen in any crisis.

  5. Regarding the proposed gun legislation, in no manner should any restrictions be passed without the hearing protection act, and nationwide concealed carry reciprocity being a part of it. The Gun grabbers Must be forced to compromise, otherwise, no legislation should be allowed out of committee. We must all contact our CongressCritters and tell them to not just give in to Schumer

  6. Reply to GoneWithThe Wind, who commented:
    “I will disagree. If this were a life or death situation I would agree with you but it was nothing more than a bad arrest.”
    The arrest of a Utah nurse who refused to allow a blood draw from an unconscious patient without following proper procedure, would have led to suits for HIPPA violations on the nurse, the hospital, etc. Obviously this jack booted fool didn’t care. He knew that the unconcious patient was a victim in the accident, not the perpetrator but he wanted to clear the actions of the officers involved in the chase. But, the WORST offense was, this nurse was the in-charge nurse in the ICU. Nothing could happen without consulting her as to treatments of patients. I know that everyone thinks doctors clang when they walk, but the person who keeps death from your door is the nurse. Day in, day on, vital signs, observation, and constant consultation is what nurses do! This stupid cop endangered countless patients with his craziness. My mother was an RN, I know nurses; and NOTHING about this civil, legal, or humane. I will stand with nurses any day.

  7. “IF this had been a serious breach of the law THEN I would agree that other police present should have stepped in. It wasn’t, they didn’t and as a result the best possible outcome occurred.”

    What are you smoking?

    This was NOT a serious breach of the law?

    Not only should they ALL be fired, they should all be locked up on civil rights violations!!! Jeff Payne should also be charged with kidnapping, assault and battery!!

  8. Why does everyone make excuses for the police? Watch the video. Clearly he’s guilty. Police in this country have way too much authority. HE was breaking the law. If you break the law and your friends are [conspiring] with you, they get charged. Charge them and let a jury decide. Police in this country have no control. They do what they want then it gets covered up, by their buddies. We see it every day. No more leave with pay. You do it wrong you’re fired, no longer a cop.

    1. Not just fired, send them to prison for a long time. The Prosecutor will do his best to kill this case the nurse needs public pressure to make sure he is convicted of multiple felonies(writ of mandamus to compel prosecution)
      The legislator in Indiana was using this to show the absurdity of gun laws to those who most need the lesson(Press).

  9. Regarding the plan to license journalists: Rep Lucas is a former Marine, libertarian leaning, republican from the Seymour, IN area. He has done more to advance 2A rights in Indiana than anyone in recent memory. He is one of the good guys

    For anyone who has followed his work through social media, he has publicly stated that this was intentional satire. He did it only to begin a dialogue to expose the blatant hypocrisy journalists display regarding the licensing of “rights.” From the exploding heads in the local and national media, it looks like his tactic has worked. One of his recent facebook posts: “It’s amazing how many people are rediscovering the Constitution over this!”

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