Something’s Coming, Are You Ready?, by B.L.

[Editors Note: It is important to note that many of the claims of this article are supposition and not fact. Remember that while conspiracy theories are often intriguing and you can bet you are not getting the whole story from standard media, Occam’s Razor is more often than not the right way to go.]

Have you ever felt like something was about to happen, but you couldn’t quite explain what it is? Have you just had a suspicion or maybe uneasiness that something was about to happen? I guess you can say my old Army intelligence service, from some 41 years ago, still sticks with me. I think that there is a reason for the recent disappearance of the aircraft Malaysian airline MH370 and the corresponding 11 aircraft lost at the Libyan airport, when rebels took over, that are missing now that the military has recaptured the airfield.

I think the disappearance of the plane in the Indian Ocean was staged; it actually made landfall in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Having had a little experience with aviation radar and radar systems, I know that the separation we need between aircraft is between 500 to 1000 feet minimum. Most radar systems in the United States or maybe the free world cannot differentiate between the two aircraft under 1000 feet. We use transponders to verify separation under that distance. Now what this means is the aircraft in the Indian Ocean did fly over two known radio beacon fixes before disappearing over the Indian Ocean. Its last known flight trajectory was northward not westward. So I believe it came up underneath another aircraft, and without the knowledge of India, Afghanistan, or Pakistan radar controllers, it managed to slip into their air space. Most radars, because of ground clutter, find it is hard to definitively state that there is a aircraft flying under 1000 feet. (Ground clutter is movement by wind or nature that bounce the radar radio signal.) Definitely, below 300 feet not even sensitive military radar could see the aircraft; so the bottom line is that an aircraft could have made landfall in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Now the aircraft that have been lost to the recent attack in Libya International Airport amounts to 11 commercial jetliners, now missing. These are long-range aircraft with a flight radius of up to 8000 miles, and thus they could reach the eastern United States from almost any Middle East or North African runway. At the very least, they could reach the southern states of the United States and the East Coast from runways in Africa. What this means is they could reach just about any military target as needed with this commercial airliner. These commercial airliners could do just like what was done in the Indian Ocean– fly with transponders turned off and get within 500 feet behind and below any aircraft entering American airspace; to American radar via traffic control they would not appear as a separate radar image. They could fly with the lead plane until the landing gear came down and then turn off and land anywhere else in the United States. If they stayed low and away from military air bases that have military radar, they would be invisible.

A new conspiracy theory that the aircraft that was shot down in Ukraine and the other Malaysian aircraft that disappeared in the ocean Indian Ocean were one and the same. Until analysis states that is true, we do not know the fate of the ocean airliner. It’s interesting to note the bodies were showing decomposition before they got there and many have been drained of blood. I have more about this later.

There is a theory that the Bali Resort bombing in 2003 showed a miniature nuke was tested there. I wrote an article many years ago– a school paper– in which I explained that the Bali bombings were indeed a test by Al Qaeda or some similar group of a miniature nuke. Approximately 170 miniature nukes are missing from the Soviet arsenal. They have no idea where they are, nor can they account for them since the breakup of the satellite nations around the Soviet Union. Now, it’s true that the half-life for deterioration of the nuclear material in those bombs may have expired and new material needed to make them operational. I think that explains much of the actions of Iran in trying to build nuclear facilities. What this seems to indicate to me is that there are indeed some missing suitcase small nuclear weapons, some as small as softballs in size, that are missing from the eyes of the world nuclear watchdogs. Al Qaeda or some similar offshoot, has these weapons at their disposal. What they do lack is having some sort of delivery mechanism to a far off target, like the United States, which is a large target far from their locations in the Middle East.

A recent prepper theory or scenario has also surfaced and showed it’s possible that an EMP strike could be done with a small yield nuclear weapon detonated high enough in the atmosphere to cause massive disruption to electrical infrastructure affecting electronics from cars to electric lights. The author of this theory proposed we would return to pre-electrical society. Anyway, it is probably something those enemies of the United States would like to try, but I’m not a specialist in that area and can’t really address EMP potential. Now a commercial airliner typically has an operational altitude of about 32,000 feet. If the aircraft had been modified, it could probably reach 55,000 feet which is nearly the correct altitude for the detonation of an EMP (electronic magnetic pulse); whether it would have the disastrous effect is debatable, as a weapon like it has not yet been thoroughly tested. However, like the first two nukes created, they might be tested in battle.

Recent concerns have caused me to wonder if a less technical or low technical attack might be planned. What if they created a biological bomb or weapon? Using the recent outbreak of Emboli virus, could they take the infected blood, which is a living portion the virus needs to survive, and then spray that blood over city streets when the populace of the city is out, like during rush hour. Once again, they could use the same technique to get the planes inside the United States, and if they had a very small fertilizer aerosol sprayer situation set up with the aircraft they could infect cities very quickly. The same chaos and loss of traffic would happen as parts of the nation are sealed off from each other to contain the outbreaks.

The bottom line is either or both attacks could be in the preparation to execution stages. We, the American public, have little we can do to stop these attacks. What we can do is prepare for a future of uncertainty. We could stock up on food supplies, water purification, some minimal power needs, clothing, camping gear, and some forms of protection.

Might I suggest some items for your emergency preparations? Here’s my suggested list:

  1. Water purifier that is the pump style for camping.
  2. Radio, lights, and solar charging for cell phones.
  3. Food supplies per Adult person, minimum–
    • 300 lbs of grains,
    • 100 lbs of beans or legumes,
    • 100 lbs of powdered milk drink,
    • 100 lbs of sugar or 25 lbs of honey,
    • grain grinder,
    • 15 lbs of tang or other drink with sugar,
    • 10 lbs of cooking oil or Crisco,
    • 10 lbs of sprouting seeds and sprouter kit,
    • 5 lbs of salt,
    • 3 lbs of yeast.
  4. Good sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tents, folding chairs, hatchet, Dutch oven, bio-stove, bucket toilet, and backpacks.
  5. Wrist rocket and ammo, bow and arrows, gun, and any other weapons you prefer.

All of this could likely be put aside right now for around $1,500 a person and within every couple’s budget. (It could also be loaded in a car, in a hurry if needed, to bug out of the area.) If you can’t afford or have no space to store the food, try getting 1/3 of the above required food for now. The rest you might have already because of the need for soccer Mom duties or Boy Scouts or whatever. Note the sprouting is vital, as when we adjust to eating these raw food sources they can kill you without some transition. You will need to sprout some of your food to keep from getting sick from all the bran in the raw food. However, once your system has adjusted it will be healthier for you I am told. But at first you should sprout about 25% of your daily food when all you have to eat are these food supplies for about 30 days.

I do not know if you will have to bug out or not, so if you are a city dweller you might need to be prepared to move out quickly. In this case, you might want to put these items in plastic totes, which are cheaply found at Walmart. Having a small library of reference books in paper print stored as well might be worthwhile. Knowing what to eat or how to prepare food from scratch or from wild game would be useful. Having Heirloom seeds, even if you are in a apartment setting, can be useful to grow your own food. Gardening is worthwhile, if you are surviving in place or at a bug out location. Remember, body heat can heat rooms when needed, so the more the merrier. Helping each other through tough times help build friendships and independence of government interference.