Single Mom Prepares, by M.B.

I am a single mom with a ten year old daughter, a Christian Constitutionalist, and a prepper. I grew up very poor, both physically and emotionally. However, my grandmother gave me a tremendous spiritual foundation for which I am forever grateful. Life is about making choices– choosing to put one … Continue reading

Guest Article: The U.S. Stock Market: It’s Not As It Appears! by Tim Wood

As equities continued to rise during the advance into the 2007 price top, I screamed from the roof tops that it was a bear market advance and that the efforts to prop the markets up only served to make matters worse. That certainly proved to be the case as those … Continue reading

Mike’s Product Review: Roschworks SLM1 combination front sight and light mount

For those of us with AR type rifles or those with similar sights, this is a useful piece of kit. One of the issues with a tactical rifle can be the light mount. Should it be under, to one side, and where should the switch be mounted? How will it … Continue reading

Scot’s Product Review: The M1 Garand

You can’t write an article on the M1 Garand without quoting Lt. General George S. Patton, who called the rifle “the greatest battle implement ever devised”. That was incredibly high praise coming from one of the greatest leaders of combined arms in WWII and considering the number of superb weapons … Continue reading

Recipe of the Week: Easy Tasty All-Purpose “Mexican Chicken Stuff”, by L.H.

I used to never buy canned chicken, considering it too expensive for my thrifty ways. That was before grocery inflation! At only around $2.00/can when purchased at the warehouse store, as something that I can and should keep in my preparedness pantry, and something that stretches so well, I am … Continue reading