Notes for Friday – October 17, 2014

Today, we present another entry for Round 55 of the SurvivalBlog non-fiction writing contest. The $12,000+ worth of prizes for this round include: First Prize: A Gunsite Academy Three Day Course Certificate, good for any one, two, or three course (a $1,195 value), A course certificate from onPoint Tactical. This certificate will be for the prize winner’s choice of three-day civilian courses. (Excluding those restricted for military or government teams.) Three day onPoint courses normally cost $795, DRD Tactical is providing a 5.56 NATO QD Billet upper with a hammer forged, chromlined barrel and a hardcase to go with your …

Preserving Western Culture After TEOTWAWKI, by Professor P

Walter Miller’s sci-fi masterpiece, A Canticle for Leibowitz, envisions a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out the 20th century world, leaving the few survivors in a pretty hard core TEOTWAWKI situation. Many of the survivors blame the technological horror on human learning, rather than on human sinfulness, and band together to destroy all remnants of western culture. They burn books, and they burn the people who try to preserve them, including Isaac Leibowitz– a major “booklegger”. Leibowitz had organized a group of men into a new monastic order that smuggled books to the relative safety of their monastery, where they copied …

Leter Re: A Few Thoughts on Water Storage

Editor, After reading a recent article on SurvivalBlog about keeping stored water clean, I thought I’d mention my experience with that. While living in the Colorado mountains, my water source was from a short stream running from a spring. This filtered water was pumped into a 1,000-gallon tank in my basement. All surface water is subject to some contamination, but in all the years it was used it never gave me any problems. I finally had it tested, and the bacteria count was some 50 times what was allowed. After that test, I figured I was living on borrowed time …

Economics & investing:

Introducing Home delivery of IRA Gold or Silver Eagle Coins with Perpetual Assets LLC IRA program o o o Items from Mr. Econocobas: Empire State Manufacturing Index Slows Sharply in October Walmart Cuts Sales Outlook for Fiscal 2015 Markets on Edge After Worst Turmoil in Four Years 9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets That We Have Not Seen In Years

Odds ‘n Sods:

So, you like that flashlight app on your phone? Snoopwall Flashlight Apps Threat Assessment Report. – P.M. o o o Growing concerns over ‘in the air’ transmission of Ebola. – P.S. o o o An interesting site that may help you plan a bug-out route. – JFJ o o o CDC considers adding names of health workers monitored for Ebola to no-fly list. – T.P. o o o The Pompous Prognostications Of “Permanently High Plateau” Prophets. J.W.