Pat’s Product Review – SurvivAMINO Protein Tablets

When I’m out hunting, and a lot of hunting in my neck of the woods is via logging roads that you drive on, or out for a hike, I like to have a little something to munch on. Quite often, I’ll take some beef jerky or granola bars, as well as high-protein bars. It’s just a good pick-me-up to have something to eat – instead of running home, when I’m a little hungry. Only problem I have with beef jerky is that, while it is quite tasty, it promotes thirst – a lot of thirst. Granola bars and high-protein bars are okay, but they really aren’t a substitute for real protein, that the body needs, especially during activities like hunting, hiking or if you’re in the military, out on a patrol, or even engaged in combat. The body needs protein – simple as that. [JWR Adds: Another problem with most compact high-protein foods–such as jerky, canned meats, and peanut butter–is that after a few days of an exclusive diet they tend to induce constipation, which could be potentially life-threatening if in the field for an extended period.]
I make no claims to being a scientist, in any way, shape or form. But I do a lot of research – as does my wife – on topics of nutrition, and what helps keep us alive. While I really enjoy a good piece or two of beef jerky, it is a bit hard to digest, unless you drink a lot of water, and you chew it – a lot – before swallowing it. Granola bars – well, I can take or leave ’em – but I have some when out and about in the boonies – I’ve always found their taste a bit lacking. And, I keep high-energy protein bars in my BOB, just in case.
A lot of hunters will carry a Thermos of coffee, for a quick pick-me-up, and that’s fine – but it wears off almost as fast as the “high” it brings on. And, coffee really doesn’t serve as a beverage that one needs in a high-stress situation – as in survival or combat. Yeah, I know, many folks are almost addicted to coffee – or more properly, the caffeine in coffee. I stopped drinking coffee more than a dozen years ago – and I only drank a cup or two each day…it did nothing for my acid reflux. However, I will say that, when you’re out and about, in a combat situation, out hiking or camping, a nice hot cup of coffee is a nice thing to have. Still, it does nothing to aid in your survival for the most part.

Consider Vitality Sciences, and their new SurvivAMINO tablets. SurvivAMINO tablets are a 100% replacement for amino acids – and any protein in the world can be broken down into a combination of the 20 amino acids. Of these, 8 are considered essential because without any one of them, body functions start to shut down in a few weeks. Any protein source without all 8 essential amino acids is not a complete source and is setting you up for a deficiency. This is not good in s serious survival situation, or even in combat. Let’s face facts, when your in a survival situation, you are under a lot of stress, and your body is burning calories – a lot of calories, and that means you need protein to keep going. And, you sure can’t carry a BOB full of sirloin steaks, and while beef jerky is nice to have, it still won’t supply all the amino acids your body needs to keep going, and going and going.
You probably have the best backpack money can buy, and tough boots – that are water proof, and that Gore-Tex jacket will keep you warm when it’s 30 below zero. You’ve made a study and have the best M4 type of rifle, that will see you through any fire-fight, and plenty of ammo to go along with that rifle. You have some MREs in your BOB, too – but as you know, MREs are heavy, and you can’t possibly carry all the MREs you want or need. You also have the best camo clothing, for the area you’ll be operating in, too. But have you really taken into consideration what your body really needs – to keep going and going? Probably not! We keep multi-vitamins in our BOB, and while it’s a great supplement, it still isn’t a substitute for eating right, and as already mentioned, your body needs protein if you want to keep going. Yes, I know, a lot of folks are Vegans or Vegetarians – and that’s fine, but the human body, needs protein if you expect it to keep function 100% – especially in stressful situation – and a survival situation, no matter what brings it on, causes a lot of stress and your body craves protein – it needs protein.
Yeah, I know, you are better skilled than “John Rambo,” and you can hunt wild game and get your protein that way. Well, believe it or not, Rambo is a fictional character, and to be honest, if you believe you can hunt all the wild game you’ll need to survive in the wilderness, you’re going to die in short order. I’m not Rambo, never was…and the older I get, the wiser I get (I think?) and I want to pack smarter and lighter for my BOB – and that means carrying less weight, and the weight I do carry, I want it to count – to provide me with the best of everything, to ensure my survival.
SurvivAMINO tablets take up very little room in a BOB, and weight only a few ounces. A 100-count bottle of SurvivAMINO tablets is enough to last a person for 7-days, if they have no other source of protein. And, “no” SurvivAMINO is NOT a substitute for food per se, it is a supplement for protein that our diets call for. And, taking a SurvivAMINO tablet will not give you an instant boost in power and energy – just like a good steak won’t give you that boost, either. However, your body will notice that it is getting what it needs in the protein department.
One again, I’m no scientist, but I know a good thing, in the nutrition department, when I find it, and if you’re serious about your survival – in whatever form, you honestly should have a bottle or two of SurvivAMINO in your BOB – it will only help your overall health and well-being, when under stress. My youngest daughter was recently discharged from the US Army, after serving a 4-year hitch. And, by the time this article appears on SurvivalBlog, she will be in New Zealand, making a trek, on foot, across 2,000 miles of that country, and she will have SurvivAMINO in her backpack – there will be some parts of the trek, where she will be at least, several days between rural towns, and the SurvivAMINO will help her keep her protein level up there, for the trek.
A 100-count bottle of SurvivAMINO is $45. – and it’s worth it, if you’re serious about aiding your survival. If you’re a military troop, stationed in some hell hole of a place, you’ll really appreciate the benefits of SurvivAMINO – it will help keep those protein levels up where they should be – in addition to the MREs you are eating. If you’re a hunter or camper, these tablets will help you…if you’re into long distance running or walking, the benefits of SurvivAMINO tablets will come into play. And, best of all, they come with a 100% money back guarantee, too. My family and I will be stocking-up on SurvivAMINO as funds permit – it’s a small investment insuring your long-term and even short-term survival – whatever brings on that emergency, that requires your survival. – SurvivalBlog Field Gear Editor Pat Cascio