Odds ‘n Sods:

On this inaugural day, a parting gift for Obama: Video – Time To Say Goodbye (parody) – D.S.

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Following up on the Veritas videos posted a couple of days ago: After Exposé, Anarchist Group Scales Back Plans to Blockade Roads, Disrupt Inauguration – BMM

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Thinking that building your retreat is beyond your grasp? – Single mom builds 3,500-square-foot home by watching YouTube tutorials – H.L.

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For those that live in places like Kalifornia or other anti-gun locations: How to Turn 12 Everyday Items Into Improvised Weapons – H.L.

(HJL’s Comment: Good suggestions, except for the hornet spray. Don’t bother with that one. Pepper spray performs better and won’t get you in as much legal trouble. In an emergency, you utilize what you have, but don’t plan for that one.)

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Lasers are nice, but identifying your target in the dark when it’s your own home is paramount. This video sent in by Reader T.J. covers some flashlight techniques that are useful to know.

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