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An observation: As of January 3rd of last year, The Oregonian newspaper estimated that there were “20 to 25” Bundy-led occupiers spending nights at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Also in early January, 2016, I heard the figure of 22 individuals, provided by a vlogger who had visited the encampment to conduct interviews. In recent months Gary Hunt’s website has publicized the fact that at least SEVEN of those individuals were contemporaneously active Federal informants. He has named all seven of them, quoting court discovery documents. The ratio of 7 to 22 does not bode well for the Patriot movement. Clearly, the only safety is in forming very small cellular Leaderless Resistance groups that are comprised ONLY of close, long-time friends and relatives. – JWR

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Incredible plans unveiled for world’s first ‘floating city’ in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

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Over at Mises Wire, a fascinating piece: No Country Should Be Bigger Than This

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Breaking the Censorship: How to Obtain an IP Address (for Windows users)

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Here is a useful piece over at Commander Zero’s blog: Vacuum packaging clothes

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