Odds ‘n Sods:


Land of the Free: Michigan man issued parking ticket in his own driveway

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Airport Shooter Converted to Islam, Identified as Aashiq Hammad Years Before Joining Army – W.C.

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US-Funded White Helmets Exposed in Al-Qaeda Plot that Poisoned Water of 5 Million Syrians. It is bad enough they contaminated the water supply, but they control the area so no one can go there and fix it. Same with electricity. Civilization is easy to destroy and easy to keep from being rebuilt if you are dependent on it. – T.Z.

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Finally! The US Air Force has embraced reality — the A-10 is here to stay ‘indefinitely’ – T.P.

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And we wonder what is wrong with our churches today? Koran Verse Denying Jesus Was Son Of God Sung in Scottish Cathedral – D.S.

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