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Pat Cascio informs us that the “news” announcer cited the wrong state yesterday. Washington is the state in trouble with the anti-second amendment onslaught after the elections.

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10 fire types for outdoor survival – G.P.

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All of the talk about “Universal Background Checks” seems to overlook two key points: First, private party sales of USED guns in INTRASTATE commerce is completely outside of Federal Jurisdiction, under the Commerce Clause (which controls INTERSTATE commerce.) Second, a universal background check would presumably stop someone from legally handing out (gifting or selling) guns from their personal collection in the event of a disaster, an invasion, or in a legitimate uprising to counter an oppressive government. These “mandatory checks” are wolves in sheep’s clothing! – JWR

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For anyone who read my novel Liberators and had doubts about how easy it is to transit the Canadian border without being noticed, watch this YouTube video.

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Giant asteroid flies by Earth closer than the moon – G.P.

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Video: A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! – G.G.

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