Odds ‘n Sods:

These doomsday shelters for the 1% make up the largest private bunker community on earth. – G.G.

JWR’s Comment: Survivable, (short term) yes. Defendable? Perhaps. Cost effective? Probably not. (Since they will be leased, not owned.)

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Beware, folks! There are now counterfeit Rawles XL Voyager knives being produced in mainland China. Note that there are four different blade styles for these Rawles fakes—and Cold Steel only made one style. And they never used D2 steel! Fake, fake, fake! Please report these to eBay when you see them advertised, and of course never give the counterfeiters any of your hard-earned money for this junk. – JWR

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Millennials lack basic survival skills compared to older generations – G.G.

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Sugar for Wounds: Do You Have It in Your First Aid Kit? – DSV

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Your Government at work: EPA to sub-freezing Alaska: Stop burning wood to keep warm – H.L.

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