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Tam at the great View From The Porch blog alerted me to a news item from western Oregon: Man practicing open carry law robbed of gun. A few key points: A.) The guy had just bought the gun the day before, so he was obviously not up to speed on situational awareness, and most likely he had little or no formal training. B.) If all 50 states were like Vermont/Alaska/Wyoming/Arizona/Arkansas and recognized the right to “keep and bear” either openly or concealed without a permit, then this probably wouldn’t have happened. (Anti-self defense laws are idiotic, and the rascals who enact them should be turned out of office.) Lastly, C.) When you carry openly, it shouldn’t be a wimpy .380. Carry a real gun, and don’t carry it as a bluff. Be ready, willing, and able to clear leather quickly and press the bang switch, when the time comes.- J.W.R.

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In a classic “Protect the Blue Line” move, No charges filed against the SWAT officers who maimed a toddler during raid. Perhaps the authorizing agents should have charges filed against them. Once again, the double standard is used showing that the Rule of Law is breaking down. – RBS

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A True Oath Keeper’s Police State Catharsis: Former Sheriff Dub Lawrence witnesses his Son-in-Law Murdered by SWAT [team that was] founded BY Him! – G.P.

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Calais Migrants Reject Food Handouts as ‘Not Spicy Enough’ – G.P.

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Polio-like illness claims fifth life in U.S.. Remember, this is a disease that has been linked to the influx of illegal aliens. – P.M.

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