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We’ve covered this subject fairly extensively in the pages of SurvivalBlog, but reader G.G. sent in a link to PeakProsperity for another article on the subject: Prepping With A Reluctant Partner

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More documents released showing the Obama administrations animosity and behavior towards those presumed to be “enemies” using the IRS as the weapon of choice: New Obama IRS Scandal Documents – D.S.

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I agree with the author here: Tennessee is absolutely terrifying: In your state which animal is most likely to kill you – T.Z.

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Rucksack Rob informed us of this little jewel: NOS Surplus Swedish Surgical Sets – It’s a decent price and shipping to the USA is reasonable.

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Reader T.J. keeps us updated on several boat projects. The latest from Quidnon was A Houseboat that Sails. For those who like the idea of bugging out via boat, this looks promising.

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  1. Mark says:

    re: reluctant prepper,
    I started,in earnest,back in 1984. My wife said,and I quote: “do what you want,just leave me out of it” so I did. fast forward to 2002,when we moved to Maine. She has outdone me. I cannot bring home a can of beans with out checking the exp date.My house has been transformed into a mini grocery store,and she isn’t sure if I have enough ammo. Point being,never give up,just keep semi-quiet about it to your S/O
    You never know what will turn them,but in the end you’ll be grateful.

  2. Michelle from Canada says:

    Prepping With A Reluctant Partner

    Why is the partner reluctant concerning prepping? Even inside the redoubt, there are reluctant partners, I am sure. It is my experience, that people have to be spoon fed information. They do not like to ear unpleasant things, like life may be less comfortable. This, whatever the cause may be. People don’t like changes.
    Just think about this. They don’t like to ear their partner in a marriage might loose his job. They might have financial problem. No Then natural disaster, hard times…. That is bad new and people don’t like bad news. So, when you talk about the possibility of natural disaster, financial collapse, unemployment lasting a long time, tough times, tightening the belt and not spending at all, except for groceries, guess what? They don’t like it.

    People will always be interested in what they want. Fun stuff! Amusement. They don’t want to ear things might not turn out the way they want. They are interested in the better, not the worse. . They don’t want to ear about it. Including in marriage.

    Prepping sometimes means relocation. The wife might think, the farm or the boonies, that is ok on vacation, but not as a way of life. It becomes the Green Acres song: The chores , the stores, –He wants green acres, she wants Park Avenue. Well…. In relocation, you can’t have both. You have to choose.
    This project has to be feasible. If it is not realistic, of course the wife won’t want to do this.
    Sometimes it is the husband who has no interest in preparing . It is difficult to be the only one organizing the prepping, because it is not a simple matter of organizing food shelves. You need the cooperation of the whole family according to their capabilities. Yes I mean children. The adults must lead on this project.
    If the wife is not Mrs. prepping, you can always ask her to do specific things. This is not easy, but it works better than asking for help without specific objectives.

    So, you might not be married to Mrs. prepping. but if you are willing to prepare, I don’t understand why the wife would not want to cooperate. Unless there is another reason why your partner does not cooperate.

    Sometimes, those situations end up being revealing about the relationship.

    I hope it helps someone. I understand this issue for dealing with it myself and I sympathize.

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