Odds ‘n Sods:

We’ve covered this subject fairly extensively in the pages of SurvivalBlog, but reader G.G. sent in a link to PeakProsperity for another article on the subject: Prepping With A Reluctant Partner

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More documents released showing the Obama administrations animosity and behavior towards those presumed to be “enemies” using the IRS as the weapon of choice: New Obama IRS Scandal Documents – D.S.

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I agree with the author here: Tennessee is absolutely terrifying: In your state which animal is most likely to kill you – T.Z.

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Rucksack Rob informed us of this little jewel: NOS Surplus Swedish Surgical Sets – It’s a decent price and shipping to the USA is reasonable.

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Reader T.J. keeps us updated on several boat projects. The latest from Quidnon was A Houseboat that Sails. For those who like the idea of bugging out via boat, this looks promising.

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  1. Mark says:

    re: reluctant prepper,
    I started,in earnest,back in 1984. My wife said,and I quote: “do what you want,just leave me out of it” so I did. fast forward to 2002,when we moved to Maine. She has outdone me. I cannot bring home a can of beans with out checking the exp date.My house has been transformed into a mini grocery store,and she isn’t sure if I have enough ammo. Point being,never give up,just keep semi-quiet about it to your S/O
    You never know what will turn them,but in the end you’ll be grateful.

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