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Driver who shot Arizona State Trooper was a former Mexican Federal Cop & Illegal Alien – T.P.

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Snopes Defends Planned Parenthood; We Rate Them [Snopes] ‘Mostly False’ – P.M.

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Are they crazy!?! Democrats introduce bill to take nuclear football out of Trump’s hands. Picture this: Nukes are launched against the U.S. or about to be launched and the Dems want to debate if Trump should be allowed to use the nuke football and strike at them? Are they absolutely crazy? They have to hold a debate on if they should even take a restroom break!!! The U.S. would be wiped out before they could reach a consensus on this. – Pat Cascio

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Eastern Washington Sanctuary Cities Surround Area Where Illegal Aliens Murdered Woman – D.B.

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Olympic Arms Shutting Down After 40 Years – W.C.

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